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The rhythm tradition of India is ancient, profound, and alive in the hands of Zakir Hussain, the consensus master tabla player of our time.  His father, Allarakha, partnered with Ravi Shankar in the 1960s to introduce America to classical Indian music, and Hussain has become the bridge that has connected the Indian tradition with Western music.

This will be an experience for people of all musical interests and players of all levels. The Path of Rhythm will be an opportunity to immerse one’s self in music by walking the path of rhythm all day long – from chanting and hand clapping exercises that will teach you how to speak the language of rhythm, then moving on to explore and talk about the tradition and the masters who have gone before, drum circles, playing instruments and learning rhythmic give and take.

“I want to share with the participants the fundamental connection of the rhythmic tradition of India and how it connects to the Western tradition; there is a particular DNA connection between drummers, in which we are all the same.  So that Allarakha and Max Roach, Hamza El-Din, Olatunji, Elvin Jones and Tony Williams are all part of the progression, part of the path.  Even the gods Ganesh and Shiva, who are thought to be responsible for the art form, will be part of our work.”
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